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Passenger Drones

Large UAS will reshape deliveries and aviation   




From delivering medical test samples in Africa to flying burritos in Australia, delivery drones have proven to be effective for transporting small packages, but drones that could carry hundreds of pounds autonomously are also on its way to change the delivery and aviation industry. These large unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are being designed to one day transport shipping containers, deliver Wi-Fi and even fly people without a pilot.


Photo from shows a concept cargo drone that can carry a freight.

The Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA) estimated that the large UAS market in the United States has potential to generate nearly $150 billion in total spending and 60,000 jobs by 2036.

Large UAS applications

Large UAS are currently being designed to one day fight fires or even rescue people in areas where helicopters have trouble reaching. A company called Tactical Robotics successfully tested a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) UAV that can fly better than a helicopter in dense areas thanks to its concealed, internal-lift rotor design. The 1.5-ton VTOL UAV is called Cormorant, and it can extract wounded soldiers or deliver cargo up to 1,100 pounds, including water for fighting fires. Cormorant is still being developed, but other companies are also designing large UAS for human transportation.

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