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Lady Gaga And Intel’s “Live” Drone Performance Was NOT Live




lady gaga drone featured image

The Super Bowl generated a lot of buzz about drones this year. First, they announced that drone flights were banned within a 34.5 miles radius of NRG Stadium. Then drones were used during Lady Gaga’s halftime performance. A few hundred drone created a stunning background while Gaga was standing on the roof of the stadium during the performance. Or…at least that is what we saw on screen.

lady gaga drone


To create the display, Intel Provided used a few hundred Shooting Star drones flying in sync with one another. But, as Intel has stated, their drone show during the Super Bowl was actually recorded a few days before. They cut together a pre-recorded segment with the live performance.

yuneec vicon

For safety reasons, not flying above the crowd makes total sense, but Intel has a history of misrepresenting the power and reliability of their products with the Yuneec Typhoon H at CES 2016 and CES 2016 Asia. They used a Vicon System to dodge obstacles during their demonstration instead of using the Real Sense Obstacle Avoidance System, which was their implication.

The show was pretty cool, but we can be sure that drone technology has a way to go before these types of drone shows can be done live on TV.


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