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Mavic Knockoff? – Walkera Vitus First Look





CES unveiled some new quads this year, but one particular eye-catcher is the Walkera Vitus. Right off the bat, this resembles a DJI Mavic. There’s no real innovation on this model, but it has all the right features that can draw some real attention. Its low price seems to be one of the main selling points because the Walkera staff said it was only $600! A DJI Mavic can cost $999, and that’s if you can even find one available. With its low price and a great set of features, will this be a DJI Mavic contender, or is this just a knockoff clone?

Walkera Vitus

Walkera Vitus Specs

Walker Vitus Unfolded and Folded

Walker Vitus Unfolded and Folded

This new quadcopter is still lightweight at 870g, and its size can make this pocket-friendly. It is equipped with dual satellite positioning collision avoidance sensors for great stability control. The 3 directional sensors are on the front, while the bottom is also equipped with a vision sensor. Plus, this quadcopter has the ability to active track with its standard 4K  camera, and it even outputs 1080P transmission video back. The battery is a 5200 mAh LiPo that runs at 11.4v, and this allows the Vitus to run for up to 25 minutes. Apparently, it even supports augmented reality games, so VR is definitely in its future. The optional controller is called a DEVO-f8 S, and it is also compact with its foldable design. You can control the quadcopter with a phone itself or attach it to the DEVO controller for more fluid efficiency.

Where’s The Rest Of The Specs?

Most of the information given by the Walkera Staff at CES was basically just a read out of a brochure, and even the brochure lacked any real details like camera FOV or controller distance. The staff claimed that the release of this quadcopter is scheduled for February, but with the lack of any detailed information, it is hard to say if it will truly be released soon.

Similarities and Differences 

The Walkera Vitus is undoubtedly similar to a DJI Mavic by nearly all means. The remote controller is different from the DJI Mavic. It has no display, the mobile phone mounts are placed at the top, and the controller has a larger plastic shell.  The foldable arm design is essentially the same as the Mavic, but one key difference is the Vitus’ protruding camera. The camera is a large GoPro-like device that also looks a little too similar to a DJI Zenmuse z30 camera, and it sticks out a lot further than a DJI Mavic camera. It all depends on your personal taste, but the design of the Walkera Vitus is definitely not unique. The top cover design looks like it was stolen from an Inspire 2, and the foldable arms and propellers are like the Mavic’s arms. This is what you get as a result:

walkera vitus Similaritieswalkera-vitus-Similarities-and-differences



Is This The Drone For You?

The outer shell design is not based on originality, but it looks as if it borrowed the most demanded features from various successful drones and combined it into one package, but this still flew flawlessly on the demo floor at CES. With its effortless startup and smooth hover, this Vitus may or may not be a real Mavic contender, but its borrowed design can make someone feel as if it were just a knockoff. If you don’t mind that, and if you don’t want to pay an extra $399 for the Mavic, then this might be a good alternative.

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