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What comes with the KFC Drone?

A portion of the cardboard box that houses the Smoky Grilled Wings will be converted into the KFC drone. The other drone parts are found inside the box. Propeller guards, six propellers, four motors, a battery, a Wi-Fi board, some tools and the frame will be included in select boxes. The flight time was rated at five to six minutes, according to YouTuber iGyaan. The drone’s board even has a six month warranty in case it stops functioning.

KFC drone

Screenshot from iGyaan’s video.

KFC drone app

The nano drone can be controlled through a Wi-FI connection with a mobile app called KFO Controller, and it can be downloaded on both iTunes and Google Play store.

KFC drone

Another food company that used a drone to promote their product was Oscar Mayer. In June 2017, the hot dog company released a video showing their latest vehicles. One of those vehicles ended up being a delivery quadcopter called the Wiener Drone. Similar to KFC, the hot dog shaped drone was only used for promotional purposes.

KFC drone

Screenshot of iGyaan’s video shows a KFO in its final form.

Even though KFC wasn’t the first to use a drone to promote their product, they are the first to feature a meal that can be converted into a DIY nano drone.

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