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Win a KFC Drone by purchasing an order of Smoky Grilled Wings!




Participating KFC stores in India will be giving out a limited edition DIY drone called KFO with select orders of Smoky Grilled Wings. KFO, or Kentucky Flying Object, is built out of the same box that the meal comes packaged in. This promotion is KFC’s latest stunt, and it is unlike anything they’ve ever tried before because the drone even has its own app. Here is the official KFC drone promo video:

According to iGyaan, a YouTuber who was sent the KFC drone for a video, only 50 KFOs were created, and they will be given out on January 25 and 26. Customers can get a chance to win a KFO by simply purchasing KFC’s Smoky Grilled Wings. Besides the limited number of KFOs made, only 10 cities with participating KFCs will be giving out the drones in random. On top of that, the promo will be live for only a few hours. Basically, the chances to win a KFO are slim, so only locals might find the risk worth taking. Here is an unboxing video that also shows how the DIY drone is made:

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