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JJPRO X3 HAX is a 1080p Drone for Beginners




jjpro x3

JJRC’s JJPRO X3 is an entry-level quadcopter for any pilot looking to fly their first drone. The brushless UAV has a built-in electric fence system that returns the drone when it reaches a certain height and distance, so even kids can fly it. This can also be used as a training drone before investing in a $1000 quadcopter. At only $150, the JJPRO X3 is a great Christmas gift for anyone aged 14 or above.

jjpro x3


The JJPRO X3 has a flight time rated at 15-17 minutes, which is about half the time most high-end consumer drones like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro get. At only 385 grams with the detachable battery, it is also a lightweight UAV. It comes with a swappable 1080p camera and has FPV real-time transmission. All a pilot needs is an IOS or Android mobile device to operate the drone for a live video feed. It can even be flown indoors thanks to its altitude hold feature. For countries that allow drone flights at night, the JJPRO X3 comes equipped with green and blue safety lights. Its 2.4GHz wireless remote controller has six channels, and its max distance is rated at 1640 feet. MicroSD cards up to 16 GB are supported, which is plenty of time for recording 1080p drone footage.

jjpro x3

RTH & Electric Fence System

By using its GPS system, the JJPRO X3 auto returns to its takeoff point when the battery gets low or when the drone loses signal. Pilots can also enable the electric fence system to limits the drone’s flight distance to 984 feet and height to 328 feet. The flight limit for any drone in the US according to the FAA is 400 feet, so 328 feet is still significantly high considering that it is a beginner drone. It also means that the JJPRO X3 can fly like a consumer-grade quadcopter, which is what these types of drones are all about.

jjpro x3

What Comes in the Box?

A JJPRO X3, one battery, a controller, four self-tightening propellers, one phone holder, a USB charging cable and a manual will be included in the box.

jjpro x3

This drone is marketed for beginners, but it has the capability to be more than just a pilot’s first drone. Its $150 price tag also makes it a great option for anyone looking to just fly for fun. The JJPRO X3 can be purchased on sites like GearBest, but Geek Buying has an ongoing Single’s Day sale right now.


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