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JDI Fantom 5 Leaked Drone Release!




The JDI Fantom 5 drone is here, and its unique features are unheard of! This pentacopter, or five propeller drone, was recently revealed at a press conference on July 16, 2017. Phichael Merry, the JDI representative, unveiled the new product and amazed the crowd with the drone’s unique features. Forget 4K because this pentacopter is capable of shooting in Ultra VHS with its latest ProGo 6 camera! With a combination of 20 sensors, this drone is perfect for seasoned drone pilots and first-time users. You don’t have to worry about crashing the Fantom 5 because it also has a built-in artificial intelligence system which can respond to your commands. The JDI Fantom 5 can be flown with mere gestures like the DJI Spark! This quadcopter has numerous other features, so check out this We Talk Uav exclusive JDI Fantom 5 video to get the full product details:

JDI Fantom 5 Release Date?    

This pentacopter can be pre-ordered right now, but shipping won’t start for another 23 years!

Fantom 5 Event Leaked


The JDI Fantom 5 has a similar package option as the DJI Mavic drone; you can buy it as low as $199, but you also get the Fly Way More Combo for only $6596. Bear in mind that these prices do not reflect the tax.

JDI Fantom 5 - twenty sensorsJDI Fantom 5 leaked conference

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