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ISIS Drones built from scratch spotted in Iraq




ISIS drones built from scratch

The war to liberate parts of Iraq have begun. Drones are very much part of the landscape and a sci-fi aspect to current warfare is invented. And today we are discussing Isis drones. These are not your grandparents drone as they are built from scratch. What confirmed this point was the discovery of a drone-making factory after liberation of Ramadi. Further confirmation was made when drones were used in battle. An Isis-flown drone killed two Kurdish fighters and injured others. A commander on the Iraqi Special Forces were attacked by explosive drones.

This development of drone warfare has not gone unnoticed by the United States side military who has developed a drone-zapping laser technology. Warnings of drone attacks are issued within the region. The Air Force has upped it’s game of requesting $20 Million Appropriation to help pay for it’s own development and initiatives.

The problem with arming drones for explosives can be apparent to many drone pilots: size and weight needs to be light enough for the drone to fly but heavy enough for an impact. Small commercial drones offer some advantages but many disadvantages. A drone such as a DJI Phantom drone would not work in this context due to how the quad is designed and flight time. The more weight you add to the drone, the lesser amount of time it will fly.

DIY Terrorism

Upon discovering the abandoned drone workshop in Iraq, what field investigators found were many of the parts were homemade with some parts like the gyroscope were obtained in Turkey but linked to other countries. Video component, the controller and battery connector are set up easy to connect and disconnect. Many of these drones are more like a Frankenstein type set up being crashed and taped together. While aesthetics are not too appealing, the bottom line are that drones are set up to reconfigure for whatever is needed to accommodate whatever task is available.

ISIS drones

Isis drones made from scratch (Photo by Joan Soley)

So what types of drones work best in these set ups? Although larger ones can be configured for missile type operations, they tend to be too expensive to operate. Military grade drones are generally very expensive to operate. Smaller drones are cheaper to use reconfigure and outfit with explosives. Accuracy is still a work in progress but a big benefit is the psychological damage that can be gotten with the use of these drones. That is precisely why they are so dangerous and effective.

Isis Drones Workshop

The drone workshop that was abandoned and discovered shows that many of the components that were disassembled and taken along. What was left behind included a couple of gyroscopes as well as a few nondescript electronic components. What is most startling is the portability aspect of setting up a new drone workshop.

Says one Inspector, ‘If ISIS was repurposing old warheads, they could have learned to make better, smaller bombs for the drones. By building fixed wing, lightweight drones from foam, it’s possible ISIS made flying machines that could travel longer distances. And any camera system at all, capable of transmitting video back to the pilots would be a pretty basic targeting tool.”

Welcome to the 21st century warfare where drones are very much part of the landscape.You do not need a military. Just some duct tape and some inventive, creative thinking. That is precisely the dilemma of modern day warfare.



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