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Isis Drones In The Age Of Technology – How It All Began




isis drones

Isis Drones: How It All Began And Where It Went To?

Drone warfare has many forms of sophisticated technology that many governments employ in modern warfare. Isis, in the past, has used homemade devices that were ineffective and held together by pieces of duct tape.  If it were not laughable, apparently practice makes perfect as Isis has stepped it up a notch using and modifying retail drone technology.

Technology website Engadget reported a recent upgrade using consumer drones that anyone can buy off the shelf and alter with grenade explosives turning the store-bought drone into one of a miniaturized bomber. What is more unnerving is the success rate of these drones and the accuracy they provide unlikely their homemade predecessors. A logical question at this point is to the extent in which chemical weapons can be used on these drones.


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Although alarm bells can be given on this latest development, it is not all that effective with a consumer drone. For one thing, weight can be a factor. A few pounds of explosives does not create the same impact as a car bomb which can carry considerably more weight. Also to consider, according to Popular Science is the use of anti-drone weapons. One such weapon is known as the Battelle Drone Defender. This nifty little device is gun shaped that can send drones crashing to the ground.

Isis Drones As An Effective Scout

Perhaps one point not considered is that a drone can be an effective scout. As an example, one could fly a drone overhead to direct a car bomb to where the most damage can occur. Perhaps filming an actual bombing would do more damage than using a drone to drop a single bomb. Unlike the home made devices, these consumer drones are more likely not to be repairable if they get damaged. After all, where would you get the parts to make such a repair? In addition, as any drone enthusiast can tell you, attempting to repair a retail bought drone can result in the drone not being usable.

isis drones

Finally, what Isis lacks and will never have compared to governments is a strong research and development tea which results in a more sophisticated technology. If Isis can use a consumer drone at its disposal purchased through Amazon, the government can easily step this one notch up.

What Can Stop the Use of Isis Consumer Drones:

DJI, the leading drone company of 60 – 70 percent drones out there has acknowledged that its hallmark drone, The Phantom, has been used in surveillance but thoughts on using a Phantom for a deadly attack has yet to be proven.

“The use of consumer-drone technology to harm anyone is deplorable. Any loss of life or injury in such a manner is tragic. Those who carry out such acts should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. When governments come to us with lawful requests, DJI is ready to provide whatever technical assistance we can to those investigating this and other attacks”

…a DJI spokesperson said in a statement to Techcrunch.

While aspects of how a Phantom would be used by the bad guys is disputed, what is not is that are that Isis drones have been seen in Iraq and Syria. Geofencing by DJI has been employed in these areas as an attempt to discourage use of Phantoms on the battlefield.

“It has been appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity” 

Albert Einstein.


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