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Intermediate drone tips for cinematic footage by YouTuber NonStopFilmer!




Big reveal

One of the simplest drone shots is the horizon reveal shot, but NonStopFilmer suggested flying up instead of just going straight and tilting the gimbal up to add a more “dramatic effect.”

“Check out that Hot A$$ Shot”

NonStopFilmer personally called a tracking zipline move the “check out that hot a$$ shot” because the drone turns around to track an object while flying in one direction. This aerial maneuver can be done by first setting a DJI drone to course lock under intelligent flight mode. Once the quadcopter is set in course lock mode, fly in one direction and then keep the camera pointed at a subject, even when the drone flies past the subject.

drone tips

Setting the drone to course lock will make the UAV fly in one direction, regardless where the camera is facing.

Spin and pitch

This aerial move is best used to film a subject circling and exiting a roundabout. NonStopFIlmer said circle the drone around the roundabout at a constant speed then pull the gimbal up to film the subject exiting the roundabout.


Similar to a dolly zoom, the vertigo shot can be used to add dramatic effect by flying a drone forward then dialing the camera down.

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