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Intel’s 500 Drones Light Show- Will it replace fireworks?




Even after not quite successful cooperation with Yuneec, Intel didn’t completely give up on drones but changed the direction in the drone industry. Drones for developers and light shows is what they all about right now. Their latest project with 500 drones flying in the sky shocked the world.

500 drones light show

Intel announced that it has made significant progress with its fake fireworks drone program and officially gave it a name. The computer chip giant also claimed victory by setting a new Guinness World Record for most the Most UAVs airborne simultaneously when it flew 500 dones called Shooting Stars to create a spectacular light show.

According to Intel blog:

Weighing in at only 280 grams or less than the weight of a volleyball, the Intel Shooting Star drone is constructed with a soft frame made of flexible plastics and foam and contains no screws. The quadcopter’s propellers are also protected by covered cages – all features designed to ensure the drone is safe to fly, is splash-proof and can fly in light rain.

To check the specs of the Shooting Star drone click here.

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