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Intel mini drones set world record again at CES 2018




General Manager at Drone Light Shows Natalie Cheung told website Sanvada: “The new Intel Shooting Star Mini system is a groundbreaking new platform that allows multiple drones to fly at indoor venues controlled by just one pilot. Indoor venues such as sports arenas, concert stadiums and conference halls were all previously impossible to operate in.”

“We had to design a new system that was built for indoor drone light shows – a drone that was safe and small enough to fly indoors. We are looking forward to bringing this new indoor experience to audiences.”

intel drone

This new indoor technology joins Intel’s already developed outdoor application for drones. So far the drones were used at Coachella as well as festivals throughout the world, especially at venues in Asia.

Intel also holds a Guinness World record for largest number of simultaneous drones flying outdoors – 500 at an event in Hamburg, Germany in October 2016.

The Intel drones also put on a light show at the Fountains of the Bellagio Hotel to the song “Stargazing” by Kygo.

The effect was described by many as mixing fireworks with technology, with intricate patterns and combinations achievable that were previously either difficult or impossible. It will be exciting to see how lighting designers and event producers implement Intel’s new drone technology at future events.

As Intel has demonstrated, the numbers and the sky are both seemingly limitless with their new Star Mini Drones.

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