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Intel mini drones set world record again at CES 2018




Massive swarms of drones could be coming to a concert venue near you if Intel drones’ technology takes off like the company hopes.

Drone technology is changing a wide range of industries, from photography to fire fighting, there are seemingly no limits to what drones can do.

And, as Intel just proved during an unmanned aerial show, the sky’s the limit as to how many drones one computer can control at once.

So many, in fact, it broke a world record – 110 Intel Shooting Star Mini Drones controlled by one pilot with one computer put on an amazing show for attendees at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. One of those in attendance was the Guinness Book of World Records who certified the event as the largest, simultaneous unmanned aerial vehicle show ever. Quite an accomplishment for Intel’s latest device.


A quadcopter compact enough to fit in the palm of a person’s hand, the Intel Shooting Star Mini Drones are designed for concerts and public venues with applications such as light shows among others. It’s small displacement coupled with its ability to act in coordination with hundreds of other drones in its line gives it capabilities far beyond what appearances would make one believe.

intel drone

The drone is designed to fly safely indoors where GPS may or may not be available. Additionally, the device has over 4 billion unique color combinations for aerial displays that are aided by an Intel Indoor Location System for navigating inside a closed space. Think complicated light patterns in the air for a general idea of the capabilities of this system.

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