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Intel drone swarm takes center stage in spectacular New York Christmas show




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What about the annoying humming? Doesn’t that ruin the vibe inside as the music is playing?

Each of these drones is surprisingly quiet. While the music is playing, the noise is not particularly noticeable for audience members.

A sign of things to come?

As this technology has progressed, more and more entertainment events are incorporating drones. Some artists, such as superstar rapper, Drake, have started using light drones during his tours, although, the choreography for his routines tend to involve the drones circling around him.

Last week, we brought you a story of a Chinese drone light show that went horribly wrong after magnetic inference caused dozens of drones to fall from the sky.

Fortunately, we’re told that Intel undertakes rigorous safety checks on every drone to ensure they are all in tip-top shape for performances. They are also of a size that was on to fall out someone, they’re unlikely to do much damage.

The 2018 production of the Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes, presented by Chase, will run from November 9 through January 1, 2019. We’re looking forward to seeing more boundaries pushed as light show drones continue to dazzle!

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