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DJI Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro are Finally Here!




DJI Inspire 2 And Phantom 4

There is exciting news from the world leader of consumer and pro level drone technology. DJI Technology is introducing two brand new drones: Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2. Both of the drones are opening a new page in the Aerial Imaging and drone technology. The Inspire 2 is a pro level flying robot oriented for the high-end film creators. The Phantom 4 is more for the professional drone whose flying camera has higher requirements than just for casual shooting.

DJI Inspire 2

Professional Aerial Platform Ready to Fly

The body of the brand new DJI Inspire 2 is made of magnesium aluminum and carbon that makes it not only lightweight but also very stiff. The top speed of Inspire 2 is 65 MPH or 108 KMH that comes with a dual battery system which allows it to stay in the air for a whopping 27 minutes. The new front facing camera allows pilot to focus on the flight while the operator is using a main camera to get stunning shots in different directions. The Inspire 2 can be used with brand new X4S and X5S cameras and will support other cameras in future. Compatibility with older cameras such as Z3 and X5 hasn’t been clarified.

DJI Inspire 2

Inspire 2 features new image processing called CineCore 2.0 that allows it to process large files faster than ever before. It captures 5.2K video at 4.2 Gbps in RAW and stores it straight to the new, redesigned CineSSD.

Inspire 2 can be used in variety of scenarios where other drones can’t get the job done.  With special high-altitude propellers it can fly at the heights of 5000m (16,400 ft) above the sea level. The new batteries with a self-heating feature can be used safely in the extreme low temperature up to -20 degrees Celsius. New drone is also capable of streaming 1080p video at 50fps and 720p at 60fps.

Safety and Reliability

Updated on the Inspire 2 is an Obstacle Avoidance system that is implemented by dual front cameras facing both downwards and upwards with infrared sensors dedicated for a safe flight in enclosed area. Its double battery system ensures that even if one battery fails in flight, second one will be able to perform RTH and landing safely.

Inspire 2 dual battery

Completely redesigned the Inspire 2 propulsion system gives the drone an ability to climb up at the speed of 20ft/second (7m/s) and descend at about 30ft/s (10 m/s). Redundant systems provide reliability for the barometer, electronic speed controller communication and satellite navigation modules. The slave and master controller range now extends to 328 feet with the option to choose between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequencies to cut through any radio interference.

New Cameras

Zenmuse X4S is a new camera for the Inspire 2 with a 1 inch 20 MP sensor and almost 12 stops of dynamic range. X5S features Micro 4/3 20.8MP sensor and ability to fit up to 10 different lenses on it including wide angles and zoom lenses. X4S and X5S will most likely will be compatible with DJI Osmo too.

Inspire 2 hover

Even More Accessories

DJI is known as a company that always offers a bunch of different accessories for their products. New product is not an exception. With Inspire 2 you will be able to use the DJI Focus, a battery charging station, DJI CINESSD, CINESSD station and other optional accessories are available. Another bonus is the optional monitor called DJI Crystalsky. It comes in 5.5-inch and 7.85-inch sizes, with the highest brightness up to 1000 cd/m2 and 2000 cd/m2 respectively, and its dedicated system reduces video transmission latency.

DJI Inspire 2 RC

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Phantom 4 Pro

Pro Camera

Pro stands for professional and that is why DJI upgraded Phantom 4’s camera to a professional level. Now Phantom 4 Pro features 20 megapixels 1 inch sensor camera which is a huge upgrade in comparison with the previous model. Now it shoots 4K at 60 fps and maximum bitrate of 100 mbps. Also Phantom 4 Pro offers H.265 video compression, which substantially improves video quality at the same bitrate.

Phantom 4 Pro

Pro Flight Autonomy

Phantom 4 Pro is considered one of the safest drones to fly these days. It has dual sensors in front and on the back of the drone as well as the infrared sensors on a sides. How it works is that the technology builds a 3D model of the environment it’s flying in in real time. The end result is wherever it flies the Phantom 4 Pro can determine where the obstacles are and avoids them. The sensors range of the 3D obstacle avoidance is about 98 ft or 30 m, which is more than enough for the fast moving aircraft. The one drawback is if you are flying in Sports mode, you will not be able to engage the Obstacle Avoidance system. The new battery design will be more than efficient than on the previous model and will keep the drone in the sky as long as 30 minutes. However a real flight time is yet to be tested.

Phantom 4 Infrared obstacle avoidancePhantom 4 Pro Obstacle Avoidance

New Remote Controller

DJI hasn’t changed the design of the remote control for a couple of years. Outside, the design of the RC remains the same. The good news is the change comes from within the controller. It comes with HDMI, a micro SD card slot for the video backup and built in GPS for precise RTH. It also can switch between 5.8 Ghz and 2.4Ghz to get the best channel clean from interference. The biggest update is the built in screen on Phantom 4 Pro+ that is brighter than any mobile device of tablet and can be clearly seen even under the straight sunlight.Phantom 4 Pro+ controller

The Most Intelligent Drone Ever

  • Some cool intelligent flight modes has been added to Phantom 4. Draw mode allows you to draw the lines on the RC display and let P4 Pro fly that route.
  • Active track now has 3 additional sub-modes Circle, Profile and Spotlight. Tapfly feature now works in different directions, and even can fly backwards.
  • And the last but not least. After 1 minute of GPS loss aircraft can return to the point where it had a strong GPS signal and hover waiting for the pilot’s command.

DJI Care Refresh

DJI Care Refresh offers plans for four products: Inspire 2 (aircraft only), Zenmuse X4S and X5S cameras, and Phantom 4 Pro (aircraft and camera included). The packages cover Mainland China, the United States, Canada, European Union, Great Britain, Australia and Hong Kong. DJI Care Refresh provides prioritized replacement units, greatly reducing the time it takes for you to get back in the air.


Inspire 2 X4S  $2999

Inspire 2 X5S Combo   $5999

Phantom 4 Pro   $1499

Phantom 4 Pro+   $1799


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