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Inspire 2 Flight Time Test (NOT HOVERING)! – Actual Inspire 2 Flying




Welcome back to We Talk UAV! This is the second part of our Inspire 2 flight time and battery test. We have already tested the hover time in the first part, so today we want to find our what will be the difference between hovering in place and actually flying the Inspire 2. Just hovering conserves battery, while flying fast forward drains more power, and you will running out of battery sooner.

Here is the Inspire 2’s flight time during an actual flight, not just hovering:

Surprised? As we all know, actual drone flight times are always different from what the manufacturers advertise. But hey, the Inspire 1 with the X5 camera was flying for just over 10 minutes, so current Inspire 2’s flight time is not too bad, all things considered.

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