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Watch This Inspire 2 Cutting Stuff – Drone Slow Motion




We are happy to introduce you the 1st part of the Inspire 2 drone slow motion! We love drones and we love slow motion videos too (who doesn’t…?) So we figured out that there is no reason why we can’t combine both things in one video. It will be the series of videos in fact. In order not to make a mess with all kind of grocery together we have split the drone slow motion series in few videos. So here is the first one:

How do you like it? Have you seen that cucumber and carrots?! I’m sure that’s a good reason not to catch your drone in a fight with bare hands. Believe me, your fingers are not much tougher than that carrots.

Also keep in mind that during the flight motor’s RPM is even higher, so the blades are even more dangerous. BTW, if you want to know more about DJI Inspire 2, please click here.

However, we believe you guys are following the safety instructions so everything should be fine. …Unless you are Enrique Iglesias.

Please make sure you stay tuned for the next episode of Inspire 2 Drone Slow Motion Series that is coming tomorrow!

Don’t want to miss it? Here is what you do:

Thank you for watching!


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