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Inspire 2 Battery Leaks- Now we know more!




Inspire 2 battery

Two days ago we’ve published article exposing Inspire 2 leaked photos and making a list of what to expect from new Inspire 2.

Something very interesting happened the next day. A person messaged We Talk UAV and showed more pictures of Inspire 2.  After seeing the photo from our previous article we were so curious about that round tray in the styrofoam case and today we finally I got the answer.

Brand new Inspire 2 will be coming with the cylindric charging hub for 4 batteries.

Inspire 2 charging hubInspire 2 charging hub

Also the batteries don’t have that canopy anymore and got LED indicators moved to the side. Maybe we will even insert the batteries from the side.  However we don’t have any information about the power and capacity of those batteries since there are no stickers on them.

Inspire 2 battery

I love the idea of including the charging hub straight into the package, because this kind of accessories are extremely important for professionals who have to shoot the whole day.

Now it looks like the Inspire 2 will be announced very soon and we probably will know exactly what it is before the end of the year.

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