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Inside look at DJI factory through leaked drone footage




DJI quadcopters are the most popular consumer drones to date, yet footage of how these drones are made is hard to come by. DJI has yet to release a tour video, but a glimpse of the factory assembly line can now be seen thanks to footage that was unintentionally saved onto a drone that a customer bought. The leaked footage, which was uploaded on YouTube by Wayne Bottomley, shows an inside look at how a DJI factory operates through the lens of a Mavic Air.

While the Mavic Air was being transferred to another station, the drone recorded 43 seconds of 4K video, which showed workers manning different stations while wearing lab coats and safety masks. Just like how typical assembly lines operate, the Shenzen headquartered company tasked its workers with different duties.

DJI factory

The Mavic Air was moved to another station, but the camera kept on recording. The video snippet shows an inside look at the DJI factory.

As the drone gets passed from one station to another, components can be added or more testing can be done until the final product is ready.

“So i just bought A brand new DJI Mavic Air and it looks like the guys in the factory have accidentally recored a little video HAHA !,” wrote Bottomley on his video’s description.

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