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Indoor surveillance drones on their way to a company near you?




To those already worried about pervasive surveillance in society, beware!

Two tech companies have teamed up to build a fully automated indoor security drone system purposed with identifying security threats or breaches.

Skysense, a German-based drone infrastructure and automation company have partnered with Spanish-based Geographic Information System (GIS) ICT company, Avansig. Together these companies have developed a drone product for massive multinational security firm, Prosegur.

Security drones on patrol in MGS5 – not saying the indoor surveillance drones will be anything like this but just wanted to use the image.

What can these drone do?

The drones are designed to follow preprogrammed patrol route through whatever building they operate in. While flying, they broadcasts a live-feed of what they are seeing and if something is amiss (a window open that shouldn’t be, for example) they create an alert for whoever is monitoring the feed. Flying patrols drain a drone’s battery power fairly rapidly. However, Skysense have designed infrastructure allowing the drones to automatically return to a fast-charging station when their batteries are low. The drone sites on the charging dock and gets back some of its juice before continuing its patrol.

The video below demonstrates the Skysense/Avansig drone in action as it makes a patrol route through a building.

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