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Increase in privacy complaints about snooping drones in New Zealand




How NZ authorities are responding to influx of drones

New Zealand’s CAA recently suggested that all new drones should be sold with an information leaflet reminding people of the rules around their use.

They have been at pains to make sure that new users are responsible and follow the rules. Some of their efforts include creating websites, producing booklets and making safety videos for new drone users to watch.

A pamphlet produced by NZ’s CAA regarding safe use of UAV’s.

Some tips for drone users to keep you out of trouble

We have written before why most drone users are probably not using their drones to spy on people. That being said, new drone owners may find themselves keen to explore their surrounding area and inadvertently run into trouble.

We advise new users to educate themselves about the rules in their local area and avoid flying their drones above people’s houses if at all possible.


  • Keep your drones within line-of-sight
  • Be careful when flying in built-up areas
  • Don’t fly within 4km of airports or heliports
  • Get permission from property owners before you fly over their place
  • Have fun!


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