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Imagine DJI Osmo Sport Action Camera




Action camera

For the most of us it’s not a secret that GoPro has been sliding down for a while already. But last year was absolutely devastating for GoPro. Their eagerly awaited drone Karma, failed at the very beginning of sales and we never heard about it since. Well, it’s not hard to understand that Karma couldn’t compete against DJI Mavic Pro. But they went out of the competition because of their own power system design flaws.

GoPro Cameras

Now GoPro cameras are also suffering from the lack of innovations and the competition from the chinese manufactures that can provide almost the same results and quality for a fraction of the price. Garmin, Sony and XiaoYi all targeting that market and right now GoPro is the perfect victim for them.  The company is weak, and has lost more than 100 million in Q3. Shares price fell down and GoPro cut 200 positions which is almost 15% of their jobs.

action cameras

Will DJI Use The Opportunity

DJI is probably very confident and satisfied with its product’s sales and performance continuous domination. And we just wanted to imagine what would be if DJI actually joined the competition on the action camera market. Yes, DJI is popular for its drones, but they actually went down from the sky to the ground 3 yeas ago with the very first Ronin gimbal. The real “ground bomb” was the Osmo- small and light handheld gimbal-camera for everyone. And there is no reason for DJI not to enter the Action camera business as well, especially when the industry leader is falling down.


Now imagine if DJI started making those tiny tough cameras? Copying GoPro Hero 5 would mean absolute failure, because GoPro has more authority in the action camera market and who need two identical products. “You need to make something special and be better then others when you are new in the industry. “- said Elon Musk in one of his interviews. And that is not only applicable to the Tesla success, but also to any product and industry. So what if DJI would be making Action Cameras?


Wishlist of Things DJI action camera should have:

  1. 1 inch sensor. Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 X4S both have a big 1″ sensor. Gopro has been using 1’2/3 sensor for years now. Sony or DJI could take the advantage of it and make a tough camera with big sensor. Checking the size of Phantom 4 Pro camera it looks absolutely possible.
  2. Less distortion. Fianlly get rid of the annoying fisheye. Make it wide without making it ugly is a bit of a challenge, but this is the thing than many users would appreciate.
  3. New codecs like H.265 on X4S and Phantom 4 Pro cameras would be great.
  4. Needless to say that  camera needs to be waterproof.
  5. Bunch of mounts and accessories of course.
  6. compatibility with the drones
  7. Price tag under 600 USD

If GoPro will not stand up and do something with its current situation somebody will definitely take over the leadership of the action cameras market.

Action Camera

Photo by Cnet

Who is most likely to take over the leadership?

  • Sony
  • DJI
  • XiaoYi
  • Nikon

Some controversal thoughts have been expressed here. But hey,read this article after 1 year and maybe it will look even more interesting to you. Let us know your opinion down in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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