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HYBRiX 2.0 Multicopter claims new world record




Quaternium uploaded other videos in attempt to push the limits of their UAV’s flight time. A 2016 upload shows their same drone being flight tested, but it also reveals just how loud the multirotor is. HYBRiX 2.0 can fly for over 4 hours, but the trade off seems to be the operating noise level. Compared to consumer drones, hybrid multicopters tend to be significantly louder. Here is an older test video showing the HYBRiX 2.0 flying:

Other multirotors

Foxtech also has a hybrid multirotor with a record-breaking flight, but their UAV is known for distance travelling nearly 62 miles in 180 minutes, according to the company’s Facebook post. Foxtech’s UAV was described as capable of flying for 6 hours, so Quaternium’s hybrid quadcopter may have something to contend with. For now, HYBRiX 2.0 is the most recent multirotor with a world record flight video.

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