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HYBRiX 2.0 Multicopter claims new world record




Other world records

Quaternium’s flight was not officially recorded by the Guinness World Records, but they do have a video. Similarly, another company called Skyfront uploaded a time-lapse video of their hybrid drone, which they claimed as a world record breaker at the time it was recorded. The Skyfront drone clocked in at 4 hours and 34 minutes last September. The Guinness World Records’ longest multocopter flight was recorded back in October 2015 at 2 hours and 6 minutes; they do have a 2017 record for the fastest drone, but their outdated multicopter record is ready to be officially broken.


Snippet of a Guiness World Record.

HYBRiX 2.0

Quaternium’s HYBRiX 2.0 is a fuel-electric multirotor that primarily relies on a 2 stroke engine fueled with petrol to run. It can fly for 4 minutes on electric mode, but its LiPo 125 batteries are mostly reserved for emergency landings. HYBRiX 2.0 has a cruising speed rated at 31 mph, and it tops off at nearly 50 mph. It weighs about 44 pounds, but its removable arms and included compact suitcase makes it easy to transport. It comes with a Q16 Skyline control station with dual screens that can separately operate the gimbal and aircraft. Quaternium claims that their multicopter “outperforms any electric multocopter by 10 times on endurance,” and it can still get over 2 hours of flight with a maximum payload attached. When this professional multirotor isn’t breaking world records, it is used for surveillance, first response, inspection, mining, agriculture and mapping purposes.


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