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Human Flying Drone By Casey Neistat




The best, the craziest, the most exciting video of the year is here! And it’s not a surprise that it’s about 2 trendy things: Drones and Casey Neistat!

One of the most famous videos of Casey Neistat is the one where he snowboarding over New-York streets. But this year he got the snowboarding video to the whole new level. Is it a drone-boarding or snow-droning or board-flying? Anyway, just lean back and check it out!

After watching this video all I can say is: “I want to try it too!”
Now, of course, it is very cool and this video actually shows us some new perspectives of a drone applications.  Now let’s take a look what was happening behind the scenes while shooting this unbelievable video:

It is hard to imagine how much power is there, in the drone that can lift a human with the snowboard and boots.  That is right, that Casey Neistat pointed out that no one in the world sells a drone that can lift a human being. Casey Neistat drone

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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