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Hula Hoop Drone Show- Technological Art




Hula Hoop Drone Show is something new in the industry. We have already seen shows when large amount of drones with LED lights flying together but it’s first time the literally have a hula hoops on it. This kind of activity even can be considered as a technological art.

Actually watching this flight my first thought was: “How does the pilot orients the drone when the hula hoop is spinning? If I were controlling the craft it might look like the drone is always getting out for control to me.” However for the pilots from look pretty confident with controls.

Drone Show

The cool feature of the drone show they make is that the LED lights can be adjusted to the music automatically. So if you fly this drone on a party or any other event it will adjust to the rhythm of the main soundtrack and shine together with it. At least that is what they say, because if it can hear the beat properly through the noise of propellers or not is still unclear.

Useful product?

Well, don’t expect it to be as versatile as Phantom series drones. aircrafts are made only for the drone show. But it’s definitely a great example of another drone business.

There are only couple of questions left unanswered:

1.What will be the real demand on this beautiful entertainment in the event’s industry.

2. Will the FAA night flight restriction influence the business?

Don’t walk away just like this, tell us your opinion about commercial drone shows down in a comments.

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