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How to use the handsfree DJI Mavic Air Smart Capture mode




Push & Pull

To get the drone to go further,  keep both hands together then pull them apart to make the drone fly backwards. To get the drone to go closer to the pilot, just do the opposite and bring the hands closer to each other.

Smart Capture


For selfies, make the peace sign by making a “v” shape with two fingers. Once the drone reads the gesture, the Mavic Air will flash red for two seconds then flash for one second before it takes the actual photo. For group selfies, everyone in the photo has to make the peace sign.

Smart Capture

Video recording

A rectangular hand gesture is required to initiate video recording. After 10 seconds, the drone will automatically track the pilot, even without any hand gestures. To turn off video recording, just use the same rectangular hand gesture that was used to start the mode.

Smart Capture

Switch subject

To transfer who the drone locks onto, the original pilot must make the open hand sign then lower their arm. The new pilot must then raise their arm with the open hand sign, and the drone will transfer to a new subject.

Smart Capture

Land the drone

To land the drone, use the same open hand sign used to start the drone, and then slowly lower the arm. After the arm reaches to about hip level, keep the arm locked for two to three seconds until the drone automatically lands itself. Exit out of Smart Capture mode once it lands to stop the tracking.

Smart Capture


After testing the various gestures with the Smart Capture mode, We Talk UAV concluded that the Mavic Air’s handfree mode is actually useful. The Mavic Air tracks using the hand, whereas the Spark locks onto the face. The Spark’s tracking would often miss if something like glasses were used, but the Mavic Air has no problem tracking a hand even with gloves. The Mavic Air Smart Capture mode was created to be easy to use, and its intelligent tracking ability makes it suitable for true portable drone filming and selfies.

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