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How to use the handsfree DJI Mavic Air Smart Capture mode




The DJI Mavic Air is equipped with a Jedi-like feature which allows a pilot to control the drone with the move of a hand. The new gesture mode is called Smart Capture, and it allows a pilot to take photos or videos while tracking a person without a controller. The DJI Mavic Air was built with a similar handsfree mode as the DJI Spark, but the newer drone is better at tracking. We Talk UAV created a video showing how to use the new mode:

How to access and start Smart Capture mode

Smart CaptureTo access Smart Capture mode on the controller, select intelligent flight mode then select Smart Capture. Aircraft firmware v01.00.0200, which was released on February 9, added support for using Smart Capture without a controller. To turn on Smart Capture without a controller, simply tap the button on the back of the drone twice. Once the handsfree mode is activated, stand in front of the drone and raise an arm with an open palm to make the drone liftoff. Just remember that the drone was designed to capture gestures within 7 meters or about 23 feet.

Smart Capture

In a joking manner, We Talk UAV’s Alex Assenmacher swirled his hands fast in attempt to lose the drone. The Mavic Air responded by staying hovered in its place, but it locked right back onto Alex’s hand when he stopped making circles; this showed the consistency of the Smart Capture mode.

Smart Capture

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