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How to shoot commercials with drones!




Mix up the shots

Using different cameras can result in a more professional look. In Alex’s case, the sunglasses required close-up shots that were only made possible with a handheld camera.

Consider the format

If the video is going to be uploaded on Instagram, Facebook or other social media sites, consider using a drone that is good enough to get the job done. The difference between the Inspire 2 and something like a Mavic Pro Platinum can sometimes be hard to tell when the final video is uploaded on a site that just compresses the video quality.

Photo credit: BrandonJLA


Even though sticking to a plan is helpful, sometimes spontaneous ideas can result in better footage.

Cameraman Xavi playing with a Mavic Air on set.


Once production is finished, the videos have to be the edited. Make sure to color correct the footage to match each other and add music if that is required. Editing is a whole nother topic, but adding slow-motion footage and smooth transitions are something worth looking into.

Final Assen Eyewear Commercial

Here is the final Assen Eyewear commercial by Alex and Xavi:

Filming commercials with only a drone is possible, but getting closer angles usually requires another camera. Remember to have fun and go with those spontaneous ideas because they can lead to more natural-looking video.

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