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How to shoot commercials with drones!




Shooting commercials with a quadcopter is different compared to filming landscapes, so here is a We Talk UAV video explaining how to create commercials with drones:


Make sure to plan out ideas and scout locations before actually filming. Alex chose an urban location to complement the Assen Eyewear sunglasses, so find a place that is relevant to whatever is being filmed. Also, check out something like Google maps to get an idea of the area.



Check out the location and see if those ideas can actually become a reality. Filming a commercial using a drone can be tricky because factors such as wind speed and time of day can affect where to angle the drone.


Besides filming scenes from different angles with a drone, use a camera like a DSLR or a mirrorless to capture footage from another perspective. Alex and Xavi used a Mavic Pro Platinum, Mavic Air, Sony A6500 mirrorless camera and a gimbal to mix up the scenes.

Make sure to charge all the batteries and consider making a checklist before leaving to a location.

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