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How to shoot a drone hyperlapse




drone hyperlapse

Camera settings

Once you’ve found the spot you’d like to shoot, get your drone ready and open the DJI Go app to change the camera settings. Mike Visuals used D-Cinelike because it closely matched his other footage, but choosing a color profile is a preference. Just make sure to manually set the white balance for a consistent video! In Way Point mode, DJI only allows JPEGS, but if your drone can shoot RAW photos, then use that to get more control since it is better for editing.

drone hyperlapse

Make sure to also set the Timed Shot or Interval to 2 seconds.  After you’ve dialed in these settings, you’re ready to fly.

drone hyperlapse

Speed settings

Mike Visuals set the flight speed to about 1.3 mph, but this setting is also a preference. Just make sure to set the speed anywhere below 2 mph.

drone hyperlapse

The next step is to fly to the exact spot you’d like to start. Then open Waypoint mode, which can be found by clicking on the controller symbol on the left side of the app. If you’re using another drone, just use whichever mode that allows you to set the flight path from point A to point B. In Waypoint mode, hit “Record (c1)” then fly to the desired end location and hit “Record (c2)” again.

drone hyperlapse

Once the Waypoint mission has started, just click the shutter button and refrain from touching the controller until the drone reaches the end location.

Post production

Mike Visuals imported all the photographs into After Effects, but other video editing programs like Vegas Pro can work. In After Effects, click “Import” and then open all the drone hyperlapse photos in “Multiple Files.” Go to “Composition” and then click “New Composition” to change the settings. Mike Visuals said he used 1920x1080p so that “you don’t have to upscale those JPEG photos too much.” Then he used Warp Stabilizer VFX to make a smoother final video. Other video editing programs use different stabilizers, so look around and see which one works with your drone hyperlapse.

drone hyperlapse

Other tips

Even though most consumer drones fly stable through light winds, a drone hyperlapse is best shot when there is minimal wind. You can also mix it up and photograph with the drone flying forward and the camera pointed in another direction, and you could even add other way points. This technique is best done with creativity, so just have fun while shooting a drone hyperlapse!

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