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How to shoot a drone hyperlapse




drone hyperlapse

Hyperlapse, which is shot like a timelapse but with motion, is a technique that can be used to create unique videos. Usually, a photographer takes one photo and moves inch by inch until hundreds of photographs have been shot, but thanks to stabilizing gimbals and basic video editing software, nearly any consumer drone can create the flow-like effect. To understand how to make a drone hyperlapse, watch this tutorial video made by YouTuber Mike Visuals:

Drone Hyperlapse tutorial

Even though the video shows a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, almost any drone with a gimbal can get the job done. Since the DJI quadcopter is a popular consumer drone, this tutorial focuses on using the DJI Go app, but the technique can still be applied with other drones.

The first step is finding a location. Ideally, places with clouds and moving water help add to the effect of a drone hyperlapse. You won’t get much out of this technique if the subject you are shooting is completely still, so make sure there is movement involved somewhere in the shot.

drone hyperlapse

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