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Hover Camera – Image Quality and Stabilization Disaster




Hover camera Image Quality and Stabilization review. As most of you know Hover Camera is a brand new drone/toy/camera. After a long shipping delay we finally got our Hover. Those who doesn’t know what is hover camera can check out this article first:

The Hover Camera CEO keeps saying how simple it is, really reminds Nick Woodman with GoPro Karma. It’s also true the Hover is very easy to fly. As it’s made to shoot video and photos, the camera was the first thing that we put to test.

The quality of the Hover camera image stabilization if just a disaster. 4K video comes destabilised, but even 1080p video after digital image stabilization looks very shaky.

The build quality of the this product is actually quite solid and the safe design with the cage all around the props is great. However the main purpose of buying Hover is Camera.  And from this point of view it provides very low value for the price:

You have 550$ to spend on a camera, there are so many great cameras for the same price.

 What cameras are there in the same price range:

  1. Some entry-level DSLR’s  are cheaper than Hover and can provide better image quality in both photo and video.

canon dslr

2. Middle class mirrorless camera with great image quality and stabilization

mirrorless camera

3. If you would like a camera that can fly, consider the Phantom 3 Standard which is actually $50 cheaper than the Hover camera.

Phantom 3 standard

Looking at the current drone and digital cameras markert it becomes very clear that Hover Camera is an overpriced product. However if you can accept the value that Hover provides for the price it definitely will be a great choice.

Check out the sample footage here.

Thanks for watching!

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