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Hollywood movies that feature drone shots!




Ever since the FAA gave six aerial photo and video production companies clearance to film with UAVs in September 2014, more drone shots have appeared in US movies. Compared to filming on helicopters, drones cost less to operate, and they can reach hard-to-reach angles thanks to their low-profile design. Hollywood has specific information on watch tv series online. With the rise of Hollywood filmmakers using drones, here’s a video by TIME showing an inside-look at movies that used drones on set:

Skyfall (2012)

Skyfall may have been released in 2012, but its opening scene featured a motorcycle chase that was partially shot with a drone called Flying Cam in Istanbul. According to a drone company called Aerobo, Skyfall was the first movie that used a drone for up-close action scenes, which was a turning point for UAVs in the film industry because drones were previously used for landscape shots like in Harry Potter and Van Helsing.

“The way the motion of the drone is tracking the two bikes would be kind of impossible with any other tool,” said Aerial Cinematographer Randy Slavin.

Jurassic World (2015)

TIME reported a drone was used in a scene in Jurassic World. The bird’s-eye view from a UAV provided a perspective that was equivalent to that of a flying dinosaur, or a pterosaur to be exact. Jurassic World also has a YouTube channel, and a behind-the-scenes video was uploaded to show how the main street attack was filmed:

“The drone is able to move in this kind of agile way, mimicking the flight of an actual dinosaur. It almost makes you feel as though you’re one of those dinosaurs that is getting in on the action,” said Arthur Holland Michel of Bard College.

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