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HLG and DLOG vs. Normal on the DJI Mavic 2 Pro!





HLG and DLOG are for pros

For professionals and enthusiast with the computing power and editing skills, HLG and DLOG are still the best profiles to use because they can manually be adjusted better than other color profiles.

Why does We Talk UAV still film using H.264 instead of H.265?

Even though H.265 is designed to be more efficient, H.264 is a more favorable codec for We Talk UAV because of post editing. It’s simply easier for most computers right now to edit videos shot using H.264.


For those who have the time to edit flat footage and process H.265, HLG and DLOG should be used, but for those who are looking for simplicity, the Normal color profile is the way to go, especially since videos shot using the Normal color profile look similar to fully edited HLG and DLOG videos.

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