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Here’s why you need a smartphone gimbal!




If you have a phone that can shoot in 4K, then getting a smartphone gimbal is the next step to improve your videos. Not only can you get professional style footage using a gimbal, but you can also photograph better panoramas or even film a moving time lapse. With companies releasing newer gimbals at prices that average around $150, now is the time to invest in a tool that can be used nearly every day. Here are other reasons why you need a smartphone gimbal:


For those looking to do some vlogging while travelling light, a smartphone and gimbal setup is perfect for capturing those life moments in a cinematic style. Gimbals stabilize footage like a drone, but they can be more convenient to carry around.

smartphone gimbal


When DJI released their first Osmo Mobile gimbal in October 2015, it fetched for around $330. Now with numerous companies releasing similar gimbals, prices have dropped to nearly half of the first-generation models. Not only has smartphone gimbal technology improved, but you can benefit from the price reduction because of competition.

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