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Here’s why DJI Ronin-S is better than Zhiyun Crane 2!




After unboxing and reviewing the DJI Ronin-S and the Zhiyun Crane 2, We Talk UAV compared the two gimbals and created this video:


Both gimbals can track fairly well, but the Ronin-S was more accurate and smoother when it followed a motorcyclist in a roundabout.

When Chivo the cameraman filmed some light sparring at a karate school, he took both gimbals for the shoot. Karate footage from the Ronin-S and the Crane 2 ended up looking similar, so to test which gimbal was smoother at changing angles fast, a separate hand tracking test was conducted.


We Talk UAV personally purchased the Zhiyun Crane V2 via Amazon.

The Ronin-S changed angles faster than the Crane 2 during the hand tracking test.

Both gimbals also tracked running dogs at a local park. The slight delay in the Crane 2’s tracking caused the videographer to lose the dog in the frame for a split second.

Camera access

Ronin-S is designed to allow videographers to access the camera’s back buttons with ease. The Crane 2 is also built to allow camera access from the back, but the gimbal’s motor placement was more in the way of the screen compared to the Ronin-S.

Joystick vs. thumb stick

The DJI gimbal is built with a drone-like joystick, which is reminiscent of a Mavic controller. On the other hand, The Zhiyun gimbal is built with a flat thumb stick, which is similar to a smartphone gimbal controller.

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