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Here’s what it takes to top DJI





When DJI created the Mavic Air, they included internal storage and expandable memory. Other drone companies need to take a page from DJI and do the same. Internal storage is great when someone forgets their memory card, but adding a microSD slot on top is needed because 4K videos take up storage fast.

Video Snippet from IrixGuy’s Adventure Channel.


A 3-axis gimbal is ideal, but it should also be made to keep drone propellers out of the camera’s view, regardless of the drone’s operating speed.


Obstacle avoidance sensors

Similar to how the DJI Phantom 4 Pro is built, new drones should have obstacle avoidance sensors on the front, back and bottom. Side sensors or even top sensors are mostly used for indoor filming, so they can be added as a plus feature.



The operating drone app needs to be made with simplicity and user-friendly features.


Other features

The overall drone needs to be designed to take some damage, and the material it is made with has to be quality if it is going up against the DJI Mavic Air. Accessories like ND filters needs to be supported, especially if the drone’s camera has a fixed-aperture.

Competition in the drone market will directly benefit the consumer, so this list was made specifically for DJI competitors. If any drone company is looking to take on the market leader, keep these features in mind or create something truly innovative.

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