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Hands-on GDU o2 review





When the GDU o2 is paired with the 5.8 Ghz remote, users can expect a maximum flight distance of 0.6 miles. When only the mobile phone is used to control the drone, the flight distance is capped at 260 feet. The 720p 30 fps video transmission proved to be stable enough for everyday flights, but it did have some hiccups, possible because of nearby trees.


The regular 02 version has a built-in 16 GB memory, but there is no microSD slot. For a drone that is made to shoot up to 4K, 16 GB will fill up fast.

Obstacle avoidance

The obstacle avoidance sensors proved to be useful under real tests conditions, and the drone slowed down once it detected an object about 10 feet away.

GDU o2 review

Flight modes

The app is created with two different options: novice mode and professional mode. The novice mode allows users to choose different flight modes like Vision Circle, Dronie, Rocket, Point of Interest and more. These smart features are designed to be user-friendly, making it easier for users to shoot scenes with specific flight patterns.

GDU o2 review

Things to consider

The three video settings are made to be user-friendly, but this also means users are limited to 30 fps. The GDU o2 was also noisy when it was tested at the park.

GDU o2 review conclusion

The overall design is great for travelling, especially since the controller was made to attach underneath the drone. At its $732 price point, it’s a solid drone, but it is not a “Mavic Killer.” When this drone was announced seven months ago, it was competitively priced against the Mavic Pro; however, DJI released a newer Mavic Air model for $799.

GDU o2 review


The GDU o2 drone will be given away, but We Talk UAV will first do a drone comparison video. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see how this drone matches up against other quadcopters.

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