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Hands-on GDU o2 review




On September 6, 2017, GDU released a trailer showing their new o2 drone, so We Talk UAV had to test the quadcopter since it was nicknamed as “the Mavic Killer.” GDU also made their new drone in two different versions: the o2 and o2 Plus. The difference between the two is that the plus version is rated to go as far as 4 miles, and it has a larger built-in memory at 32GB. When this review was written, only the regular o2 model was available to purchase. After placing an order back in October 2017, We Talk UAV just recently received the drone and did an unboxing video. Now, here is a hands-on GDU o2 review:

First impressions

The unique arms are built to slide into the drone, and even the propellers neatly fold in, which is good for portability. At first glance, the drone looked big, but with the arms extended, it was actually small. The controller also seemed large or bulky, but it was designed that way for a comfortable flight experience.


The GDU o2’s 3-axis gimbal made the video smooth and stable. One thing to consider is that the video settings are locked once the drone starts filming, which means shutter speed and aperture can’t be changed while recording. The drone is built to give users three different video resolutions to choose from: 4k 30 fps, 1080p 30 fps and 720p 30 fps. The video settings are simplified, but for someone looking for a little more control, the three video settings might be too limited.

GDU o2 review

The GDU 02 was also built to record slow motion and time lapse without any additional editing. When We Talk UAV filmed 1080p at 6 fps, the results seemed a little choppy, but it may have been like that because the drone flew up. If the GDU o2 recorded slow motion while staying in one place, the test results may have been different.

GDU o2 review

The battery, which is rated for a 20-minute flight, took about one hour to charge, while the controller took about 45 minutes to charge.

GDU o2 review

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