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These guys converted a DJI Mavic Air into an FPV racing drone!




racing drone

Aerial GP may be known for hosting drone races, but their latest YouTube video shows a converted DJI Mavic Air flying as an FPV racing drone. The consumer-grade quadcopter was gutted and transformed into a FPV quad that could even do flips and rolls. Here’s their 60-second video showcasing a run-through of the build process and the actual modded Mavic Air racing through a course:

New parts = New flight

Aerial GP chose to keep the original foldable frame and added a Kiss FC flight controller and Xrotor ESCs, which were connected to the stock motor and propellers. The original Mavic Air battery was used, but it was gutted and replaced with High C rated 3S batteries. The flight time was drastically reduced from the stock 21 minutes to about 5 minutes, but that’s a pretty average flight time for a racing drone. The only spotted differences on the exterior is an FPV camera and an antenna that sticks out. The stock plastic frame was used because it is light and strong enough to survive crashes.

racing drone

The modded Mavic Air flies just like an FPV quad.

racing drone

Video snapshot shows the removed Mavic Air parts.

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