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Gunning down flying drones




flying drones

Machine guns vs. flying drones

Hitting a drone on a moving helicopter with a machine gun is more difficult than it looks. Not only is aim a factor, but wind is something the gunner had to deal with. Even though about 70 rounds were used to stop the drone, the job was still done faster than this other guns versus RC plane video:

YouTuber TAOFLEDERMAUS uploaded the machine guns versus RC target video in 2014, and it shows just how hard it is to hit a drone-like aircraft, even at a firing range. The description of the video said the RC plane was “several hundred yards away,” and it flew approximately 90 mph. The gunners managed to shoot down at least three target RC planes, but the majority of the people who aimed at the moving target missed.

flying drones

This screenshot from TAOFLEDERMAUS‘ YouTube video shows a gunner missing the RC plane. The white marks are bullets hitting the ground.

There are only a few UAVs that can fly past 90 mph, but the test videos showed how inconsistent it was to use machine guns against flying drones. Not only are rounds of bullets wasted, but collateral damage is something to consider. With an increase availability of smaller and faster consumer drones, non-destructive anti-UAV technology is more relevant than ever.

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