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GoPro On An Arrow – New Type Of Flying Camera




As the Sam and Niko channel on Youtube would tell you, they are in their own words, a “video blog channel that that specializes in explore tactics to film-making, hang out with other YouTubers, and go on adventures throughout the city & sometimes across the world to make the best making of documentary show we can make.” They specialize in dreaming up sci-fi, action, and video game-inspired YouTube videos, jam-packed with stunning VFX and movie-like cinematography. They also have a strange idea of testing products in a very odd fashion.

Video blogger/filmmaker Niko picks it up from here and contemplates the following, “A common problem when playing archery soft is that people don’t always call their hits,” It is then that Niko has a compelling idea to mount a GoPro camera at the end of an arrow to see if transparency can be brought out in this game of archery soft.

Niko uses his machine shop skills and customizes a GoPro to fit on an arrow. Guarded optimism is made about whether this project will work or not. Against all prevailing logic, the common thought is that it is going to be great!!!! 

Test shot one occurs with some rather bland results. The target is missed and the GoPro remains intact.

GoPro on the Arrow

Test shot two is made with much better and the target is hit dead on when the ultimate test occurs. The arrow will be shot in the air as high as it will go and go straight down. At this point, we the audience are on the edge of our seats. Will the Go Pro self-destruct? Will it remain intact? Perhaps a better question is why should we care?  We care because it is not our equipment and it is fun watching people destroy their property on a crazy Youtube channel. One of the assistants volunteer to catch the arrow in midair. Personally, I would rather see if they can catch a bullet in their bare teeth. Lucky for them, this idea is not suggested.GoPro on the arrow

Multiple test shots are made after this with one assistant being a human test target. After that, anyone working at Corridor Digital lines up to be shot at with this foam arrow and GoPro. Yes, it is all silly but the common thread is that the GoPro is intact. Amazing camera gear really. For the extreme sports audience that they go after, they really know how to build a solid product.

By Ben Walford


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