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GoPro Karma is HERE! 10 Facts About GoPro Karma




GoPro Karma

The two-year wait is over!!!

GoPro has finally announced its new Karma drone, as well as two new camera models: The GoPro5 Session, and the Hero5 Black.

Hero5 Black and GoPro5 Session

The main features of the Hero5 Black are:

  1. Voice control. Think Siri, only for your camera. Ask it to take a photo, or a video, and it will do it. It also supports seven languages – so most people in the world will be able to talk to the thing. Not that useful a feature when it’s flying on your drone, though – lol.
  2. Waterproof without extra housing. Very useful feature – both because it saves time and hassle – and because you don’t lose audio quality. It also has three microphones – and automatically chooses the audio from the microphone that’s getting the cleanest audio. GoPro said at the launch the audio will sound as good as the video looks.
  3. Hero5 Black will shoot 12MP photos, while the GoPro5 Session will take only 10 MP images.
  4. Both the Hero and Session can shoot video in 4K.
  5. Built-in stabilization

Some of the features, including cloud-based video editing, are pretty impressive.


Now, let’s talk about GoPro KARMA.

It’s more than a drone! …or is it?

This time it looks like GoPro targeted middle-low end consumer market.

Check out the prices:

  • KARMA without camera: 799 USD
  • KARMA with Session 5: 999 USD 
  • KARMA with Hero 5: 1099 USD

10 Facts About GoPro Karma

  1. It has a foldable design that makes it so small and portable.GoPro Karma
  2. It has a gimbal that you can take off and place it on a Karma Grip stabilizerGoPro Karma Grip stabilizer
  3. Grip for the handheld stabilizer comes in kit. GoPro Karma handheld stabilizer
  4. It has a built in-screen on a remote controller.
  5. Maximum flight time is up to 20 minutes.
  6. It has no obstacle avoidance.
  7. It has no sonar and vision positioning system.
  8. It’s only 100 USD cheaper than Phantom 4.
  9. Its maximum flight distance is 1000m.

The GoPro KARMA will be available on October 23rd.


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