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GoPro Karma Crashes At MLB Within Few Inches From People




gopro crash

GoPro Karma crashed in few inches from the innocent spectator of the Major League Baseball game between Diego Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks.

The drone smashed into the empty seat right between the man and a woman who were enjoying the game. Luckily nobody was sitting there at the time, so the drone didn’t cause an injury, but it definitely scared all the people around.

Here is the video of an accident:

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It was not hard to analyze 3 main reasons of the crash:

1. Irresponsible Pilot 

The responsible pilot would never fly above the crowd, especially at such an important event as MLB. Only professional and authorized pilots can fly at major events, but they don’t usually choose GoPro Karma as a professional tool, for well-known reasons. So this might be just a hobbyist who thought that it would be cool to take a couple of aerial shots there and didn’t think about consequences.

2. GoPro didn’t set up No Fly Zones

DJI, being a company that arguably contributes the most to the consumer drone safety sets up a NFZ for at the big events to guarantee public safety. GoPro apparently cares less, so they didn’t set up a temporary no-flight zone at MLB. GoPro Karma wouldn’t be able to take off if there was a NFZ.

3. GoPro Karma has no Obstacle Avoidance

GoPro really has a “bad karma” that started falling from the sky right after the launch and then got recalled. Even though Nick Woodman said that they will release a new version of Karma drone, second-try Karma came with no obstacle avoidance too.

Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro or Advanced and Yuneec Typhoon H would be able to brake automatically and avoid a crash in a situation like this, but GoPro Karma had just smashed into the seat almost injured people next to it. Few month ago the same drone has crashed into the window of one of the New Your apartments due to the lack of the Obstacle Avoidance. Phantom 4 obstacle avoidance

Please fly safe! The recent cancellation of the registration with FAA doesn’t mean you can fly however and wherever you want. Keep it safe and legal!

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