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GoPro’s New Hero6 Black & 5.2K Fusion Cameras




The Hero6 Black and the 5.2K Fusion camera were just unveiled by GoPro on September 28, 2017. The Hero6 has a new GP1 processor, 4K 60 FPS capability and improved stabilization. The Fusion is also GoPro’s latest creation, and it is a waterproof 360 camera with two lenses. The Hero6 is available right now for $499.99, but the $699.99 Fusion can only be pre-ordered off GoPro’s official site.

What’s New With the Hero6?

The Hero6 is undeniably similar to the Hero5, but the internals have been upgraded. The new GP1 processor is custom made by GoPro, and it allows twice the video frame rate recording capabilities compared to the Hero5. This means that videos will turn out smoother when they’re slowed down since they can be shot at a higher FPS. The Hero6 has improved dynamic range and better low-light performance. An all-new touch zoom features allows users to digitally zoom in for a closer shot. It’s new 5 GHz Wi-Fi is 3x faster than any GoPro device at wirelessly transferring files. The Hero6 also comes with more voice commands for a better hands-free experience. The stabilization is being dubbed by the CEO of GoPro as the “most advance video stabilization ever found in a GoPro.”


Taking GoPro footage and creating a video just got easier with Quikstories. GoPro created an app that can automatically create videos based on algorithms, faces, audio, accelerometer and GPS data. The new cameras are capable of taking videos and photos directly from a GoPro device and transferring them over to a mobile phone via app.

GoPro Fusion

The Fusion is a 18MP 360 camera with offset lenses, and it can stitch seamless videos together in resolutions up to 5.2K! It’s waterproof, mountable and it has an automatic built-in stabilization feature. The Fusion also has the ability to do Overcapture, which takes spherical content and frames certain shots for videos. This allows content-creators to capture everything and select only certain angles they wish to reveal. The app support for Overcapture is estimated to be ready for IOS and Android devices in early 2018. Pre-orders are available for the Fusion, but shipping won’t start until November.

The Hero6 may have the same design as the Hero5, but it’s upgraded to have better stabilization and improved image quality. This also means that Hero5 accessories and mounts are still compatible with the next gen action camera. The Fusion’s Overcapture feature allows users to capture every angle with ease. With a durable build and high resolution capabilities, the new GoPro cameras are raising the bar for action cameras.



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