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GoPro Cut Jobs Again! 270 More Empolyees On Top Of The 200 From November




GoPro cut jobs

GoPro continues their slow slide downward, as they announced their first quarter earnings were less than desirable. In light of the company’s weak performance, CEO Nick Woodman made the decision to cut 270 more jobs.

Just in case you didn’t know, GoPro cut 100 jobs in January 2016 and 200 more after the Mavic launch in November 2016. So the company’s workforce has shrunk by almost 25% since the beginning of last year.

Nick Woodman

There are three main reasons why GoPro cut jobs and failing as a company. First, their products are not innovative anymore, and some Chinese competitors are offering the same features for a fraction of the price. Also, the Karma’s epic fail took a financial toll on GoPro. Even though the Karma is back on sale after its initial recall, the existence of the DJI Mavic has completely blocked their way into the drone market.


According to Forbes’ source, the recent job cuts were made mostly in the company’s virtual reality and broadcasting wings, claiming that “no one is left” to supervise the departments. Those cuts would certainly reflect Woodman’s CES assertions that GoPro is looking to shift its focus to a core set of products.

Will GoPro cut jobs again in 2017 or it will be able to raise again? With more and more new, but strong competitors filling the marketplace, GoPro will not be able to solely rely on the power of their brand forever.

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