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What to expect from GoPro’s big drone unveiling- Comments




What to expect from GoPro drone
Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times Posted an article called “What to expect from Gopro’s big drone unveiling” And the speculations they made in their video are kind of funny. Of course, we are not sure if the writer or video producer have any kind of drone-related background. Anyway, check out some of their statements:
-Well, by top end competitor you mean DJI? It probably will be smaller than Phantom 4 or Inspire 1, but the Mavic, leaked recently, looks awfully small. If you haven’t seen the Mavic, check this out:

Mavic and Karma will be pretty much the same size when unfolded.
-What a surprise! -What an innovation! Camera gimbal on the drone? Unbelievable!
46299648Let’s be serious, almost every drone has a gimbal these days. And those without gimbals, like Dobby or Yuneec Breeze are more of toys and don’t even be considered “drones”.
-This sounds like a good idea. For extreme sports lovers this feature will become very handy. Even though GPS following is not as accurate as Active track on the Phantom 4, it will be easy to keep the objects in the frame because GoPro users ultra-wide lenses on their cameras. Another thing to keep in mind is that those accessories might cost you some extra money.
-Well, nothing to say here. Sounds very reasonable.
Audio? Who needs audio on a drone? For the GoPro Hero 5, it would be an advantage, but it’s not something you can use on a drone. Unless you want to hear the props buzzing the whole time…
Seriously? GPS? Sensors for altitude and speed? Even cheap open source flight controllers like APM have all those features. DJI and Yuneec have these, of course.
Most likely it will not have 8K camera. Imagine what kind of computer you will need to work with 8K video. Most mirrorless cameras don’t have 8K resolution. GoPro is smart enough not to take this step in 2016.
-No comment. We will see it soon.
The price sounds pretty competitive, especially considering DJI Mavic price that leaked last week:

Whatever it is, we will know exactly once it’s out at September 19th


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