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Google is Helping the Defense Department Develop Drone Strike Technology




Predator drones enjoying the view

The revealation of Google’s involvement in this project has been controversial to say the least. Reports in various media state that some Google staff were appalled upon finding out the news and questioned the ethics of their company assisting the military.

Given Google’s infamous moto: “Don’t Be Evil” – helping the military get better at identifying “objects” and potentially assist in the killing of more people is contradictory to say the least. If you have any doubt about the horror predator statement, remember that the overwhelming majority of drone strike victims are civilians.

Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google, is the second most valuable publicly traded company in the world with a market cap of $760 billion, shortly behind Apple.

Drones are becoming an indelible part of modern warfare and the link between world military forces and giant tech companies is something to be wary of. The Wall Street Journal reports that in 2017 the Pentagon spent $7.4bn on AI and data processing tech.

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