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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Drones Of CES 2017




Much like a Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western, the new and upcoming companies descended to CES 2017 in Las Vegas to show their latest and greatest additions to the drone market. Some of these were laughable, a few more were serious, but hardly the “Make My Day” variety of the drone world. The real question is, Did you have enough punk? Judging by some of the ideas out there, you would think some of these options were the result of a vivid imagination and not the result of actually observing the drone market. Recently, the Verge did a Worst Drones of CES 2017 report. Some of the highlights given asked the consumer Clint Eastwood in all of us, “Did I have five financial bullets or six and does this drone company feel lucky?

CES 2017

Difference Between High-Tech And Toy

The problem is that the Verge has it correct or perhaps we are just a little too serious with the release of drones and expecting it to have some amazing upgrades. Many of the drones released are in reality no more than flying toys which actually is not a bad idea of you have just a passing fancy of quads. Why smash a quad that costs a thousand if you do not know the most basic fundamentals of flying?

On the video, there is one drone referred to as the Magic Air Cleaner. When one sees the velcro three ringed of black cardboard coming at you, one might ask, where are the snacks in this thing and why three rings? Is it the Olympics? Why would Parrot Bebop make such a strange concept for their drone and are they just pulling our legs?

Ehang 184 Concept

Then there is that eHang drone never seeming to get off the ground but sitting there like a futuristic Stonehenge. Would anyone really commute in this thing? What if you collide with an Amazon delivery drone? Who would be at fault if you can actually survive such a wreck? It’s nice on paper but add a city where millions live and a very busy airport and perhaps maybe the Ehang Consumer Drone should just stay on the ground. The Verdict: Sell it off to the next James Bond looking to extend his adventure of the beautiful girl in the speed boat with an open bottle of champagne.

manned aerial vehicle

One drone with not much information on it is what the Verge video refers to as the Motor Drone.  This drone is some sort of militaristic doodad but having only the most basic of features an empty plastic shell and a prop. In Las Vegas, usually, anything with an empty shell suggests a Bachelor party of out of control proportions. A subtle jab at the consumer? Perhaps! But still, there is nothing inside. Personally, it feels like a put on. If this was on Fox’s TV show, “The Shark Tank” the sharks would have advised them to come back when they finally have a product worth considering. (Get out of here kid, you are bothering me!!!!)


Certainly, we can see where the videos assessment that by the end of the year that DJI and Yuneec may be the last two standing. They are the two strongest drone companies for a simple reason, they are at least taking the manufacturing of drones to a different level. The innovations remain remarkably consistent and strong. The market will tighten as consumers go for value over a dollar. The more casual will buy the toy drone and be done with it. The photographers will appreciate the camera upgrades. In short, if drone companies do make cheap drone products it adds entertainment but no real value. We hope that the convention goers come back from the CES 2017 convention with an educated guess on where the direction of the drone industry is heading.

By Ben Walford

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